Keep vehicles and equipment clean and looking new, longer

Vehicles and farm equipment face a barrage of daily insults that impact their appearance, level of cleanliness, and can even pose potential biosecurity and fire risks. When applied to the appropriate surfaces, SWASHEQUIPMENT™ keeps surfaces cleaner and looking new for longer.


    After cleaning vehicles or equipment, SWASHEQUIPMENT™ can be applied to all surfaces (excluding seats and foot pedals), with no drying or rinsing required, to:

    • Make vehicles easier to clean and bug splatter easier to remove, keeping surfaces cleaner for longer
    • Create a glossy finish that keeps equipment looking new for longer
    • Decrease fire risk due to dust accumulation
    • Decrease drying and out-of-service time for vehicles and equipment
    • Improve farm biosecurity by making manure, litter and other organic matter easy to remove

    “I absolutely would recommend SWASHEQUIPMENT™ to anyone who likes to take care of and keep the equipment they use clean and looking new. I was a little hesitant to believe that something you mix with water and apply could live up to the description given. I was wrong. It’s an unbelievable product. The equipment I use still looks as good as the day it was delivered to the dealer. With a simple application, I’m able to windrow 12 houses completely and clean the tractor up with a garden hose. Everything down to the tires return to production line clean. With the rising cost of equipment nowadays we all know better appearance is more for trade. Using SWASHEQUIPMENT™ aids in the ability to keep your equipment looking new. It’s truly a great product. Don’t be hesitant to buy it.”

    B Sterling

    Delmarva, Eastern Shore


    The SWASHEQUIPMENT™ formula contains three separate agents that work as a multi-faceted, single application solution.

    Prevents Accumulation

    An anti-static agent reduces static charge to prevent dust from accumulating on surfaces which also decreases fire risk.

    Forms a Barrier

    A silicone-based film-forming agent creates a strong barrier that protects surfaces from environmental insults, such as dirt, grime, road salts and bug splatter, while maintaining a glossy finish that is only removed under high-pressure spray (150 psi+).

    Repels Water

    The hydrophobic agent in SWASHEQUIPMENT™ repels moisture to speed up drying time.

    SWASHEQUIPMENT™ Applications

    SWASHEQUIPMENT™ is ideal for use on farm vehicles and equipment, as well as exterior surfaces, boats and ATVs.

    • Tractors
    • Trucks
    • Cars
    • Mowers (decrease grass and dirt buildup and easily rinse off grass residue)
    • Combines
    • Tillers/decakers/windrowers
    • Hatchery tray washers
    • Milking equipment
    • Boats (helps remove algae stains)
    • Driveways/sidewalks/masonry (helps remove algae stains for a cleaner appearance)
    • ATVs (make mud easy to remove)
    • Live haul coops and transport trailers

    *Product is not suitable for use to treat interior vehicle seats and vehicle-operating pedals.

    “If you want to have equipment that’s easier to clean and keep clean this is the product to use. I sprayed my round baler before season started and it has kept the dust down to just a minimum.”

    Price Wallance

    Mendenhall, MS

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    • Andrew (Drew) Sanderson
      Andrew Sanderson Commodities – NC
    • NIPCAM Services of Alabama

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