Improve Airflow and Extend the Life of Evaporative Cooling Pads

Pads in evaporative cooling systems are a costly investment for poultry and livestock producers. Pad lifespan is often decreased due to mineral build-up and algae stains, and rapid deterioration from continual cleaning. In addition, dirt and mineral build-up can increase utility bills due to inefficient airflow. When added to clean sump water, SWASHCOOL-CELL™ works to extend the life and maximize the efficiency of pads.


SWASHCOOL-CELL™ is odorless and can be applied in one step, once per flock or group to:

  • Remove mineral scale and stains from algae to improve airflow and system efficiency
  • Shorten cleaning time, allowing for adequate cleaning between flocks or groups even with tight turnaround times
  • Reduce drying time between cycles, keeping pads drier, longer so they can quickly return to full cooling capacity without developing algae stains

Water quality is one of the biggest driving factors that affect the longevity of cool cell pads. Cleaner water typically means cleaner pads. However, even clean water can lead to damaged pads if pads are not properly maintained. Why does supposedly clean water lead to pad quality issues? It comes down to the composition of the water going through the cool cell system. Understanding what kind of water you have on your farm, the better you are able to develop a routine pad maintenance program to extend the life of your pads. To get the most out of SWASH™, request a water analysis and look at Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe and Alkalinity.

“My houses were build in 2017. I was looking for something that would make my equipment last as long as it could to have a better environment for my turkeys during the summer months. Also to keep my equipment clean and prolong the life of my pumps and cool cell pads. Replacing cool cell pads are very expensive. I found SWASHCOOL-CELL™ to be less labor intense. than other products we used. Only 1 or 2 applications were needed on my farm. Since using SWASHCOOL-CELL™ I’ve seen very little algae and mineral build up on my equipment. I’m also able to maintain the ph in the water for the best air flow for the turkeys. Very little labor is needed to keep cool cell systems clean and working properly. This is very important in southeastern NC. We have a lot of hot and humid weather during summer months.”

Bill Warren

Warren Farms, Clinton, NC


The SWASHCOOL-CELL™ formula contains three separate agents that work as a multi-faceted, single application solution.

Balances Water pH

SWASHCOOL-CELL™ binds carbonates to balance water pH, allowing the chelating and dispersant agents in the product to work more efficiently. pH buffering, which occurs over 5-10 days depending on water quality, is crucial since water outside manufacturer-recommended pH levels of 6 to 8 can damage pads.

Keeps Minerals Bound and in Solution

Chelating agents bind minerals and iron, allowing for easy removal of built-up mineral scale on pads and preventing minerals from adhering to the filter system.

Prevents Dust and Dirt Buildup

The dispersant in SWASHCOOL-CELL™ keeps dirt and dust in solution, preventing it from penetrating deep into the pad, while also working to evenly distribute water over the pad for more even cooling during operation and quicker drying between cycles.
SwashCool-Cell™ Application
At poultry and swine facilities, SWASHCOOL-CELL™ can be added to fresh water in the cool cell sump at any time during use or between production cycles to clean and then maintain the pads.


Notice how much the water flow is restricted.

Unrestricted water flow and significantly cleaner lines.

Results of application after 3 weeks.

Using SWASHCOOL-CELL™ to Clean Cool Cell Pads

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“I am very pleased with SWASHCOOL-CELL™. It does a great job of cleaning our cool cell pads and as a result, we have better water coverage on the pads.”
Andy Darden
Darden Farms, Sampson County, NC

“I use SWASHCOOL-CELL™ to clean cool cells and the results were definitely more noticeable than other products I was using before. This product did a better job removing scaling than other products have.”
Gary Wells
Marvin T Farms, Inc., Broiler Grower, Eastern NC


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